PwrTest 是一款微软提供的用于Power Loop 测试的工具【参考1】,可以用于 ModernStandby或者 S3/S4 循环测试。它位于 WDK中,安装后可以在C:\Program Files (x86) \Windows Kits\ 目录中找到(建议在这这个目录下直接搜索)。


  1. 使用管理员权限打开 cmd 窗口
  2. Pwrtest + 参数即可

例如:测试S4睡眠并且唤醒 100次

pwrtest /sleep  /s:4 /c:100  

下面是运行 pwrtest /? 得到的帮助信息:

Usage: pwrtest /scenario [/scenario_options] [/common_options]

  Name                Description                                     Min OS Req
  sleep               run sleep/resume transitions                    Win7
  battery             battery information and monitoring              Win7
  info                system power information                        Win7
  es                  thread execution state monitoring               Win7
  idle                power idle monitoring                           Win7
  ppm                 processor power management monitoring           Win7
  timer               system timer resolution monitoring              Win7
  disk                disk idle monitoring                            Win7
  device              device idle monitoring                          Win7
  monitor             monitor dim/blank monitoring (user idle)        Win7
  requests            power request monitoring                        Win7
  thermal             ACPI thermal zone monitoring                    Win7
  processidle         monitor and force idle/background tasks to run  Win7
  cs                  run connected standby transitions               Win8
  platidle            platform idle statistics monitoring             Win8
  ppmidlecontrol      veto/un-veto processor idle states              Win10 RS5
  platformidlecontrol veto/un-veto platform idle states               Win10 RS5
  directedfx          run Directed FX tests on a device               Win10 19H1

  To see available scenario options type: pwrtest.exe /scenario /?
  Example: pwrtest.exe /sleep /?

  /lf:folder          folder for the log files
                      For example, c:\myfolder or \\server\share
                      Default log location is the same folder as pwrtest.exe
  /ln:name            name for the log files and the ETW trace session name.
                      Log file extensions added automatically (.wtl, .xml, etc.)
                      Default name is pwrtestlog.
  /etwbuffersize:n    n indicates ETW buffer size in KB if larger than default.
                      Default is current page size or 256KB (whichever is
  /etwminbuffers:n    n indicates the minimum number of buffers allocated for
                      the ETW session if larger than the minimum of 2 per
                      logical processor.
                      Default is 2 per logical processor
  /etwmaxbuffers:n    n indicates the maximum number of buffers allocated for
                      the ETW session if larger than the minimum of 2 per
                      logical processor and larger than etwminbuffers.
                      Default is etwminbuffers + 20.
  /delaywrite         when specified, log data is buffered in memory to reduce
                      disk writes.  Affects all log types including ETL.

Execution Requirements:
  -must run from an administrator/elevated command prompt in order to support
   ETW tracing
  -must run natively (WoW64 not supported) in order to support ETW tracing
  -group policy settings put in place by your system administrator may
   interfere with some scenarios that need to temporarily modify power
   setting values (such as the sleep scenario)

这是 10.0.22621.1 WDK 自带的pwrtest。

有需要测试 S3 S4 MS Loop的朋友可以考虑使用这款工具进行测试。