A device for UEFI Application testing

In the last posts, as the NT32 environment has too much limitations. We have to test my applications on the real system. I use a USB disk for these kinds of thing. After compiling, I have to copy my application to this disk. Then unplug and plug again to the testing system (I use Kabylake HDK now). After that I can test my application on the real system. If some bugs are found, I have to repeat this action. As you can see it’s really inconvenience.
For this purpose, I begin to study the “matrix switch IC” carefully. After all, I find that the common switching IC in the market could only support 300Mhz. While the USB 2.0 device requires 480Mhz. No one know what will happen if I make one. It’s not a good idea for me to DIY. At last, I begin to search the solution on Taobao.com. Soon, I find this one:


It has a mechanical switcher inside. And the most important thing: it’s very cheap. Only 7.8 Yuan (less than $2).
I buy one USB switcher and 2 USB cables (1.5m for 3Yuan).
The usage is that:
1st plug a USB disk in this switcher.
2nd Every time the complication is completed, copy the application to this USB Disk.
3rd Switch to the working PC and make your experiment in real system.

I have used this device for a period, it works well.


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